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David Bartolomi
Kevin Lemoine David Torresen
Pam Brown Michael Mascioli Patti Wicks
Michael Colby
Steve Pedersen Jeanie Wilson
David Ehrenstein
Bill Reed Pinky Winters
Marla Kleman
Keizo Takada

Photo Credits:

Photo used throughout PinkyWinters.com
David Bartolomi Couch photo (used throughout the site).
Carol Friedman Flash intro page (taken from This Happy Madness)
Photos on "Biography " page
David Bartolomi Vertical current photo of Ms. Winters.
A young Pinky - Michigan City, Indiana
Photos used on "Photos" page
The new girl in town .
"Before I turned professional"
Lisa Hardaway Pinky and Lou Levy hard at work.
Greg Hall Pinky Winters - vocalist. (B&W)
Kevin Lemoine "Rain Sometimes" producer Bill Reed with Ms. Winters
Jeanie Wilson

Carol Sloane with Pinky - Songbirds Covergence 2000
(Pinky leaning in to listen to Carol)

Bill Reed Pinky with Charlie Cochran
unknown Pinky with daughters Jennifer and Lisa
Margy Cali Rebecca Parris, Pinky, Patti Wicks, Cat Conner (Cath Eckert), Merle Kreibich. - a gaggle of gals in LA - April 2002
Nich Anderson Carol Sloane, Pinky Winters and Donna Byrne at Songbirds
Convergence 2001 in Washington, D.C.
Lou Levy Pinky and Richard Rodney Bennett (in front of Endicott Building)
unknown Lou Levy flanked by Pinky and Jackie Cain.
Nich Anderson Patti Wicks and Pinky Winters performing @ LAX Westin.
April 2001.
Jeanie Wilson Pinky and Richard Rodney Bennett performing in New York, 2000. (Convergence)
unknown Vocalist Madeline Eastman and Pinky.
Nich Anderson Pinky with Bob Maize - LAX Westin - April 2002.
Jeanie Wilson Pinky cooks up a storm.
Nich Anderson Trudi Mann, Pinky and RRB @ Mimi's in D.C. - 2002.
unknown Joel Siegel and Pinky Winters.
Bill Reed One singular sensation. Pinky and Richard having fun.
Nich Anderson Pinky with Bill Reed and Patti Wicks in LA - April 2002

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