The Shadow Of Your Smile
Pinky Winters Sings Johnny Mandel... with Lou Levy

The Shadow of Your Smile
(Mandel - Webster)
The Shining Sea
(Mandel - Lee)
Close Enough For Love
(Mandel - Williams)
Theme from M*A*S*H #
(Mandel - Altman)
You Are There
(Mandel - Frishberg)
El Cajon #
(Mandel - Frishberg)
(Mandel - Mercer)
Cinnamon and Clove
(Mandel - A & M Bergman)
A Time For Love #
(Mandel - Webster)
I Never Told You
(Mandel - Hamilton)
Unless It's You
(Mandel - Ames)
Don't Look Back
(Mandel - Dunham)
Take Me Home ##
(Mandel - A & M Bergman)

Pinky Winters, vocals (except #)
Lou Levy, piano
Bill Takas, bass (except ##)
Johnny Mandel, synth ##

Recorded: "Live" @ The Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. February 27, 1983

(except "Take Me Home" - 1991)
Release Producer: Bill Reed
Distributed by : 3D System Inc. as part of "Sinatra Society Of Japan Presents" Series
Cover photo: Takashi Yoko-o
Liner notes: Johnny Mandel
Thanks to: Johnny Mandel, Richard Rodney Bennett and... Joel E. Siegel.

"In 1982-'83 the late Joel E. Siegel produced a now-legendary concert series, The Great American Songwriters, at Washington, DC's Corcoran Gallery. Included were such notable performers as Jackie & Roy, Carol Sloane, Shirley Horn, Sheila Jordan, Blossom Dearie, and. . .Pinky Winters, accompanied by Lou Levy.

When Siegel asked Winters and Levy which songwriter they wished to salute, their answer was mutual and immediate. . .Johnny Mandel. And soon the duo was off to DC to perform their 2/27/83 tribute. Afterwards, Siegel gave Winters and Levy a tape of the show to 'Do with as you wish.' Now 23 years later it is receiving its World Premiere release."

In addition, Johnny Mandel has generously contributed, as a bonus track, "Take Me Home," a 1991 demo recording that he produced in his home studio with Winters and Levy."

Also from Mandel (reprinted on the back of the album): the addition to the liner note sent to Winters after listening to an advance copy of the CD:

"You are going to love this CD. It is a concert of Pinky Winters and Lou Levy at their absolute best. My songs tend to vary greatly from one another; many moods, tempos, and emotions. Pinky and Lou do them all superbly. I'm proud to say that many fine singers have recorded my songs, but none of them made me as happy as what you're about to hear on this record."

There are also extensive Japanese notes inside by jazz critic Keizo Takada.